Hey, I'm David

A computational biologists with a passion for natural products.

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Who I am

I recently graduated with distinction from the MSc Bioinformatics program at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Currently, I am furthering my MSc research project on elucidating the path from mined metabolic gene clusters to bioactive natural products, as a PhD candidate.

My interests lay on the intersection between natural products, biotechnology, and software development - I have interdisciplenary knowledge on analytical chemistry, industrial fermentation, algorithm development, dynamic modeling and parameter optimization, and machine learning.

Feel free to reach out and lets talk (bio|chem)informatics!

What I do

PhD candidate

I help elucidating the path from genotype to interactome at Wageningen University.

Modeling fermentation

I make proprietary dynamic fermentation models for testing bioreactor setups.

Learning Mandarin

I am pursuing a lifelong wish to learn to speak Standard Northern Mandarin.

Projects & Publications


Ray-tracer for drawing 3D filled-space molecular depictions, written in F#.

SMILES spell checker

Spell checker for SMILES chemical representations, written in Python.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out by email or message me on Twitter!

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